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Ghoul Carving - Two Materials

Ghoul Carving - Two Materials

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One intuitively chosen. Color and size vary depending on the selected variant:
Each approx: 2.45 x 1.35"


Green Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity

  • Helps manifest prosperity and wealth
  • Helps release old patterns, habits, and disappointment for new growth
  • Brings optimism and zest for life
  • Enhances creativity and motivation
  • Encourages perseverance and maneuvering obstacles
  • Reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities
Moss Agate - A Stone of Growth
  • A stabilizing stone strongly connected with nature
  • Said to refresh the soul and enable you to see the beauty in all you behold
  • Attracts abundance
  • Improves self-expression and communication
  • Encourages trust and hope
  • Highly optimistic stone
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