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Crystal Inspired Soap - Variety

Crystal Inspired Soap - Variety

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Crystal inspired Soap 
Indulge in luxury with these animal cruelty-free soaps inspired by crystals. Each variety offers a unique scent for your indulgence or display purposes. Treat yourself to a little bit of magic every day.

Amethyst - Plumeria Ylang

Ametrine - Plumeria Cucumber Ylang

Aquamarine - Cucumber Melon Gardenia

Azurite - Malachite - Rain Forest Mist

Black Opal - Peach Melon

Carnelian - Caramel Apple

Citrine - Mango Citrus Coconut

Fire Opal - Peach Melon Gardenia

Garnet - Crimson Cranberry

Gems in the Rough - Cariety

Golden Healer - Buttermilk & Honey

Green Garnet - Fresh Grapefruit Passion

Holiday Emerald - Balsam Fir

Jade - Cucumber Melon Spice

Jasper - Almond Geranium

Labradorite - Fresh Floral

Lapis - Ocean Fresh

Malachite - Cucumber Melon Garden Rain

Moonstone - Balmy eve Cool Tropical

Opal - Peach Melon Gardenia

Rainbow Fluorite - Cucumber Melon Passion

Rhodochrosite - Cranberry Lotus

Rose Quartz - Tea Rose

Septarian Geode - Redwood, Juniper, Pinion Herbal

Smokey Quartz - Cool Fresh Midnight Moon

Star Sapphire - Blossoming Plumeria

Sugilite - Lily of the Valley, Tea Rise

Tanzanite - Cool Fresh Starry Night

Tiger Eye - Earth Fresh

Topaz - Vanilla Papaya

Turquoise - Calendula Gardenia

Watermelon Tourmaline - Fresh Watermelon

White Opal - Peach Geranium Moss

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