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Animal/Nature Crystal Chip Pen

Animal/Nature Crystal Chip Pen

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Unleash your wild side with our Animal/Nature Crystal Chip Pen! Featuring unique crystal chips inspired by the animal kingdom and Mother Nature, this pen adds a touch of whimsy to your writing. Perfect for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts, this pen is sure to make your day a little brighter.

These are custom items and may vary in beads depending on availability. If you would like any changes please email us at

Birdhouse has Amethyst Crystal Chips

Crazy Cat Lady has Rose Quartz Chips

Just a Little Moody has Rose Quartz Chips

Pink Owl has Rose Quartz Chips

Turtle has Aquamarine Crystal Chips

Horse has Aquamarine Crystal Chips

Mountains has Garden Quartz Chips

Bougie Heifer has Rose Quartz Chips

Approx. 6"

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